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    Ship-to-shore communication is essential for any successful commercial fishing operation. Our REDBOX satellite terminals and applications are optimized for fishing boat tracking and enable commercial fishing fleets of any size to maintain vital data communications links with home ports, no matter where they are on the world’s oceans.

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    This is a machine which can make 3-Dimensional objects made out of various polymer materials using a technology which is popularly known as additive manufacturing process. 3D printer is used to create rapid prototypes and functional end-user parts.

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    LIMBOT is a Myoelectric Bionic Prosthetic Hand which deals with integration of prosthetic or artificial limbs, orthotic devices, mobility aids, and rehabilitative care. Our mission is to reach out to people who have experienced limb loss, who lack financial resources, and do not qualify for any other funding assistance.

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    “Hear-Glass” is an intuitive portable device (Spectacles) with a smart camera embedded into it, designed to assist people who are visually impaired in face recognition, text to speech conversion (OCR) and perform basic vision based

3D Printers


FDM Z175 Printer

Z175 is the entry level 3d printer which is focused to first time user segment. The printer
comes in pre assembled form rather than a DIY package and is good to go after a few
adjustment, making it a good choice for whom assembling the kit was a headache.
The Z175 is a low cost FDM 3d printer with a relatively larger build volume of
175x175x175 mm in all the axes. Its prints with filament like PLA, PVA, HIPs, PC, PETG and
Ninja flex with a maximum layer resolution of 100 microns in Z axis. It is quiet easy to set
up and produces acceptable prints every time making it a great choice for students,
educators and certain professionals. Get full specification

FDM Y200 Printer

Y200 is an enthusiast level 3D printer which was designed keeping serious makers in
mind. This piece of equipment in made of aluminium providing it the needed robust
and reliable structure. All the linear motion guides used are of industrial grade which
ensures the perfectly precise movement a longer period of time.
Y200 comes with a build volume of 200x200x200mm in respective axes. It houses an All
metal dual extruder (E3D v6) which allows the access to most of the filaments available
in the market today, starting from PLA, PVA, HIPS, ABS, Nylon and Poly carbonate to
name a few. It has got an automatic bed leveling and a heated bed build platform
ensuring successful prints everytime. Get full specification

FDM Z300 Printer

If you are looking for a desktop 3D printer with a reliability of a industrial grade rapid
prototyping machine, Z300 is there for you.
This machine is ready to print right out of the box. It has got sturdy aluminium body and
a fully automatic bed level calibration. For having proper first layer adhesion to the
build platform no tape or glue is needed making the whole process easy and no fuss.
The printer uses a temperature controlled build envelope ensuring no warping or
cracking of the build parts produced. The Bond tech extruder have the markets highest
reliability, feeding force and smallest filament deformation making every print. Get full specification

FDM Z1000 Printer

Z1000 is a large scale industrial 3D printer meant for life size prints with no compromise
to quality of the prints. With a build volume of more than one cubic meter, the Z1000
was designed and constructed for countless printing hours, consistent quality, and
optimum results.
The whole body is build of precisely CNC machined aluminum alloy sheet metal and
aluminum alloy extrusions providing the necessary stiffness and rigidity against the
inertial dynamic forces as well as static loading of the machine yet keeping the overall
weight of the machine to minimum. This ensures the speed at which the printer can
print objects precisely and accurately at a very faster rate.
The whole extruder mechanism was designed ingeniously to obtain 500% the print
speed of a normal 3D printer with the filament support of PLA, ABS, Nylon,
Polycarbonate and most of the filaments available in the market today. The Z1000 uses
Borosilicate glass as build platform heated by a high power silicon heater and an
automatic bed level calibration provides solid first layer adhesion resulting into
successful prints always. Get full specification

Founded in 2003, eGlobetech is a design and innovation company that designs,
develops and sells products of social and societal values. eGlobetech India Pvt.
Ltd. came into existence with a fusion of technology, creativity and engineering
and with a vision to help transform ideas into world-class products and solutions
which is affordable and easily accessible to the masses.
Our team of strategists, designers, and engineers employ an unmatched breadth
of expert capabilities in product design and manufacturing.

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